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Weplay is launching STEAM Jr. Collection to construct diversified learning basic 

What isSTEAM」?

SScience   TTechnology   E Engineering   A Art   MMathematics

STEAM is highly regarded as an educational program utilized in elementary and middle schools internationally. This educational program introduces children to the five disciplines noted above. Rather than teach the five disciplines as separate subjects, STEAM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm.

The ultimate goal of education is to apply what you’ve learned in order to meet practical needs. A STEAM based education shapes children’s development through experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. This educational program includes exposure to interdisciplinary learning, hands-on, problem-solving skills, daily skills practice and the five senses learning.

STEAM education is a fundamental approach towards creative and innovative thinking. The end results are students who are experts in processing information efficiently, make effective use of applicable resources and persist in problem-solving. These skills are essential abilities for a successful future generation.

STEAM Jr. Helps Young Children, Age 0-6, Prepare for a STEAM Based Education

Weplay products are designed with the core values of We Play, We Learn and We Connect. We offer an educational platform through play and life experiences by engaging in experiential learning.

Weplay products provide the fundamental skills needed for a successful start into these concepts. As our vision connects with the educational concepts of STEAM, we specifically selected a collection of products, we call Weplay STEAM Jr.. 

To locate these items, look for the STEAM Jr. logo through the catalog.  

Weplay X STEAM Jr.
Learning through Play and Nurturing Outstanding Leaders for our Future!

Young children need many activities to acquire the fundamentals and basic knowledge before encountering STEAM.

Weplay has concluded that the following key abilities help prepare children for STEAM.

1.   Concentration: Concentration and visual development are interconnected to help children develop their recognition, faculty of memory, searching capability, imagination faculty and distance prediction ability.
2.   Tool Operation: Operating tools to build fine motor skills, gain precision and hands on experience.
3.   Logical Thinking: This includes constructing and deconstructing logic. Understanding the cause and effect of each problem and solve it through innovative thinking.
4.   Action Planning: Pre-planning is an important skill that is beneficial for information integration and evaluation ability.
5.   Social Interaction: Learn to be a team player by sharing comments openly, willingly, and communicating constructively. 

Weplay STEAM Jr. Collection prepares children for an educational in STEAM through engaging activities with Weplay products. We are very excited to be a part of this fun learning journey that helps our future leaders establish these important fundamentals in advance!

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