How to make your classroom more interesting?

As Preschool teachers, we are always creating and looking for fun innovative ideas to get our students engaged in new activities. This is a difficult task, when activities need to be flexible to accommodate for children’s varying levels of abilities. Today, we would like to share the following activity with you. The activity demonstrates how we can use Weplay product to set up a story scene that can help children concentrate and focus more on what they’re learning.

Generous Penguin

 ✎ Material:
1. KF0010 Weplay Cookie Festival *1
2. KP1005 Weplay Whally Board *3
3. KM2015 Weplay Coral Adventure *1
4. KM2012 Water-Lily *1

Sunday morning, Penguin Mommy has made lots of yummy cookies. Generous Penguin wants to go on a picnic and share the cookies with his ocean friends. Let’s go along and visit his friends!

Note: Before the activity, let children remove their shoes to get all the tactile stimulation on their feet. 

The little penguin takes the cookies and walks to the seaside. Here he meets his friend Whally. Whally invites the little penguin to play. They sing songs, swim and dance happily.

Tips: Let child pretend himself/herself is a little penguin, surfing with Whally. Allow children to practice body coordination and balance by walking on the rocking path. The 3D wavy base design not only offers varied bumping fun but also engages tactile stimulation on feet and hands during play.

After surfing, Whally takes the little penguin to the secret ocean path. They hold a contest see who can find more fish and shells on the path.

Tips: The Coral Column is the key to lock two paths together. Children can balance while standing on the Coral Column pieces, like practice Chinese martial arts. Children also can step over, step on or push down the Coral Column to improve action planning.

On the other side of the path, are some small islands with different height and there are bridges between the islands. Is there any surprise on the islands? Follow the little penguin and take a look!

Tips: The Water-Lily is designed to be used at different heights by stacking the Islands up to 3 high. Connect the Bridges to the Islands or from an Island to the ground. Different textures on the Bridge and Island provide tactile stimulation on feet. Multiple paths enhance physical coordination, dexterity and balance development.

Finally, the little penguin arrives at Ocean Park. He places all the cookies on the banana bridge in order to share with all ocean friends. They picnic, play and talk together. Everyone has a great afternoon!

Tips: Stack the Cookiemen on the Banana Bridge to enhance hand control. The Cookiemen can be stacked horizontally and vertically. Cookiemen’s design allows children to change the sound or weights by opening the lid and filling the base with beans, beads or any other materials. This simple change makes games more challenging and interesting.

Extensional Activities

Adjust the arrangements of products, such as change the heights, turn upside down or even giving different instruction to children, for example, change walking on the path to jump on the path, the story will be different and engaging. Allow children to make their own story.

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