12 Gross Motor Activities Using Rainbow River Stones

Gross motor skills are important skills for children. They are used to perform everyday functions such as walking, running and playing sports. These skills are also related to self-care skills like dressing, eating or packing away toys. Therefore, gross motor skills are the foundation of child development, as they require whole body movement and involve the large muscles of the body to perform everyday functions.


  •  6 Rainbow River Stones come in 3 different sizes, which  can be used to create multiple routes.
  • Each stone has a different slope, and you can rotate and stack them up or use them individually.
  • The surface of each stone has a dotted, lined or circle patternthat provides a tactile experience.
  • Anti-slip surface and bottom edge offer stability and safety.


We’d like to share 12 basic activities  using Rainbow River Stones, which help children strengthen legs muscles. More importantly, children can enrich their action-planning skills when arranging the play route.

  • There are numbers on each of the stones, which makes it easy for users to record the challenge level.
  • You can adjust the slope and distance according to the children’s ability.
  •  Combine with Weplay Wavy Tactile Path for even more fun.

Numbers on the sides of the stones

Combine with Wavy Tactile Path
More info about Rainbow River Stones: bit.ly/rainbowriverstones

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